1996 March 6

Once we got off the taxi, we could already hear the pumping rhythm of the base drum and immediately felt the rush. Once inside, laser beams dissected the warehouse, the music charged us. Trip-hop was played at the entrance, house in the next room & progressive house in the main arena.

Ran into Stph & Jen in their baby doll look. They came with a cross-dressed friend and were excited about Paul Walker. Many of the dressed-up revelers disappeared very soon. A few people were in Afro wigs and some were like fashion models. The guys were mostly too casual. They all loved to stare but not too into the music. Too many simply walked back & forth. The lack of coat check also spelled problems -lumps of bags & clothes were laid in the middle of the dance floor.

A fifteen-year-old asked if we wanted grass. We refused politely. He then asked if I was watching my daughter and how old I was. I said 62. He looked confused and explained he did not mean to say I was that old, just that we were a mature couple. Ha ha ha, very funny

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