1992 May 16

Never thought that partying could be like this... We went to the Union Station and waited for the bus that was supposed to take us to the party where the location was kept secret. When we got off the station, we saw this tall guy in a big, tall hat. While we waited, he came to talk to us. We found that we were very similar in our attitudes and his name was G.. We then learnt where we were going. To our amazement and delight, the bus that arrived was a school bus. Wonder what drivers on the road thought when they saw a school- bus-load of young people at half past twelve in the morning.

We made many new friends: DJ L, Mrc. & D., Stp & her sister, Mchl & Chrlt, Crs & Jn .These are people P. & I would seldom get a chance to meet in our routine lives. Now we have friends from Brampton, Ontario, London, England, Dundas, Ontario, and downtown. Some are sisters, some are interracial couples, some are designers, DJs, students, slackers, construction workers, bar managers. And the music unites us.

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