1995 April 28

At the office, my heart started to pound 10 minutes to 4. I picked up the phone, dialed & re-dialed, dialed & re-dialed till what seemed like 50 times before I got through and it was 5 minutes after 4:00p.m.. The guy on the other side of the line at Ticket Master told me it was all sold out. I started to lose control and ranted on till my face turned red and my heart almost jumped out. Hearing me talking like a madwoman, he said, "Wait, let me try this again." After 2 minutes, he said he could get me 3 tickets. It seemed that someone's VISA has been rejected. He then checked his machine again and said I had just bought the last 3 tickets 6 minutes after they were on sale. Wonder if this has broken any records. He then asked me who the Stone Roses were etc., etc. I thanked him most gratefully and it had made my day.

Glad that I was the one to buy the tickets instead of P. or his friend, Er because they would not have been so enthusiastic and would have called much later. Then I had this thought: Maybe it was fate. Maybe something special would happen since today is the 28th, the day of the performance is the 18th and the location is terminal 28. What a coincidence!

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