1994 July 30

Just a few steps up the broken stairway on Victoria street at the back entrance of some buildings is a secret venue where Bear and his partner hold their parties. Their music is mostly house. DJ A.K.. , the cool Japanese-Canadian plays there. He mixes soul with progressive house. Alongside A.K.. is an African-Canadian DJ who plays a lot of vocal, soulful house which gives the place its warehouse feel. It is usually very dark in the room with a few old standup fan whirling away at both sides. When the crowd gathers, the fans become crucial. Once I have to stand right beside the window to stop myself from fainting from the heat. But the atmosphere is beyond description. It is the ultimate house party venue. All the "fashion" people, authentic ravers , house-partygoers, genuine clubbers are there. And of course, the coolest guy, A.D., wore his white Chinese jacket there tonight. He smiled when he saw us. He had that smoothness in him tonight as he swayed among the ladies. I bought an E at $35.

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