1994 October 14

October 14, 94

Finally tried my first E. Now I know that grin x has on his face that night. In half an hour, I could hardly remove it from my face. I dissolved it in cranberry juice to lessen any effect on my bladder. Two hours of bliss listening to Beloved's Conscience three times. Tried Cocteau Twins, too slow; Pet Shop Boys’ Disco 2 , too cold; watched TV real close (my eyes were 6 inches away from the screen). Liked those car commercials and music videos. Loved the light from the dining room chandelier.

The effect wore off in 2 hours. Felt a little sad. Maybe it was the news of a Korean tourist being killed by a cop or a thug who kidnapped a taxi in Hong Kong. Migraine headache with a stiff teeth-grinding jaw and nausea by the 6th hour. But I fell asleep and woke up feeling tired the next morning. The next day my neck muscle was sore all day but the feeling of warmth and contentment went on all through Sunday.

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