1995 May 18

P. & I stood at the entrance and found scalpers all over the place trying to sell their tickets at an even lower cost than the purchase price. Just when I cursed myself for having told Er not to go, P. suddenly started to talk. I turned around and saw him talking to A.D. .He seemed sober, brighter in complexion and more light-hearted in his conversation. He told us he had been back to Scotland for an entire year but had returned to Canada and was now managing his father's bar in Brampton. Raves and the music have brought the most diverse people together, people who are physically and culturally so far apart. I was really very happy to see him keeping well.
Seeing the Stone Roses on stage was very exciting simply for the fact that they stood for the sound of this era. They brought back memories but objectively, their performance was not that great.

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