1995 February 5

Richie Hawtin was magic. It was at Club Generation on Isabella St. just off Yonge St. We bought a can of food for the homeless. The doorman really feeled me up but what the heck. It was hot & humid inside and the area around the dance floor was so filled with smoke/dry ice from the smoke machine that I could not see beyond arms length. For 2 hours I was totally in a mystic world driven by the rhythm of his transcendental beat. But the crowd was not much into it. They moved around from room to room aimlessly even though the hallways were so packed that it was actually difficult to do so. Many were into socializing and not dancing.
Went to bed in the morning at 7:00a.m. and slept all the way till 3:25p.m.. I woke up to the music of last night in my mind and was so tired that I could hardly move. When I got up I had trouble focusing.

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