1996 August 20

We have lost faith in raves long time ago. But events like these we just have to give it a try. No, the DJs are not particularly attractive. To get me excited in progressive house these days takes more than just the usual crescendo & descendo. It has to be like the Underworld's latest CD - Second Toughest in the Infants - Rowla (the 4th song) at least; or the Chemical Brothers'. It's Masonic Temple that attracts us. Well, it's a temple, has its history, its classy & it reminds us of A.D. during the heydays of Exodus.

I was all dressed up but expecting the least. I had my Afro done. This is going to be the last time in a while since summer is near & I have already made my appointment for a haircut. I have my nails painted pastel green & pink. When we got out, the weather was mild but the wind was unkind. We struggled to the door and was warmly welcomed by Ein & Nk. They were high as kites & lovey dovey. We kissed & exchanged numbers. Nk had these long, flappy eye-lashes & a Liam wannabe haircut. There was only a small line-up & the guys really did not dress up much.

When we got in, there was just the right amount of people which we finally concluded was due to lack of interest rather than a deliberate attempt by the promotors to reduce the crowd. We appreciated the efforts they had made to decorate the place. There were clocks all around the surface of the second floor balcony. Four wooden Egyptian statues on stage, superior lighting system (though a bit monotonous in rhythm) & a truly respectable, never-heard-before sound system. It was STEREO SURROUND SOUND!! Too bad the music was not so great. And the crowd barely aroused your attention. They were not offensive either.

Downstairs were the jungle, hip hop, trance, chill-out room next to the clean toilets & drinks room. This couple who sat in front of us snorted lines of coke. The guy next to me pushed acid. There was a plumb Indian lady in rave gear improvised to the house music with her operatic voice.

In spite of all these, we were not having such a good time. We were saddened by the poor attendance, the button-pressed response of the crowd, cheering to the cliche-ridden progressive house. We felt sorry that PF, having spent so much money & yet not being able to create an atmosphere that inspired. We left at around four. If we had not been so poor, if there had been a better party nearby, we would definitely had gone on.

Another respect we paid to the scene. But raving is definitely a gamble these days

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