1992 March

318 Richmond has been used by another organizer, Chemistry, to hold parties. The way the bar is set up there is pretty impressive. It is like a small room at the end of the hallway. There is a gate that can be pulled down to lock up that tiny make-shift bar with panels to hide it. The bartender is always very generous with the Scotch. Then with the introduction of the smart bar, I turn to smart drinks instead. It seems to suit me more as the night wears on and the sweat starts to drip. The house next door, 306 Richmond has also been used. That is their office and members' party venue. It is like going to a friend's house party. We dance in small bedroom-size rooms with the speakers in full blast shaking the floor. It is fun to run up & down the stairs going from one room to the other and finding the crowd as fresh and into the music as the previous. There is a sense of anticipation, hopefulness that reminds me of the Exodus parties but the crowd consists of more girls and the music is less hard. More trance and ambient sounds are played. There are always little treats like lollipops, candies, indoor fireworks, candles. Chemistry parties are always creatively decorated.

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