1999 September 4

We went to see the Beta Band at the Opera House. They did a real fine performance. Fresh, pure, at times dancey, like a stripped down Low Fidelity All Star, at other times their existential streak comes out. Their backdrop slide projection fits in with the music perfectly. Very artsy - the whole band dressed like Air, in what seemed like space-suits.

We went home at 1:00 a.m. I was so tired and my eyes were so dry I fell asleep and woke up at around 2:00 a.m.. Then got ready to go to see Daft Punk. The warm weather helped. Especially since this is already September but with the humidity, it actually feels very much like summer still.

Organizer: Syrous and Clublife etc.

Theme: 6th Anniversary

DJs: Josh Wink & Daft Punk

Toronto Congress Centre, 650 Dixon Rd., minutes from the Airport
Never-used venue. A bit like the International Centre, huge space, but better ventilation.
Very professional lighting systems. It's like 3 concerts going on at the same time in interconnected yet sufficiently apart space. The light and the energy in the jungle area was like fireworks. Rows of portable toilets, not too stinky. Minimal decor but professionally done. Security minimal (real police) and less aggressive than that time at the International centre (with Bob Sinclar).

Mainly young teenagers but also quite mixed. People are surprisingly trying to revive that original rave spirit - 3 people shook hands with P. .Some are polite about knocking me at the shoulder. Some women did try to dress up a bit - the Mandarin top...But still... something to lament about the way ravers/ party-goers are these days - their lack of style, the men taking their tops off, the way they walk across the dance floor. Lovers swinging each other at the people around them, obnoxious dancers, starers. The half-naked sweaty arms wiping their body fluid against yours and their constant moving around within the confine of the dance floor is a major problem. I thought it was just Industry or some poorly organized raves but nowadays, it's become a common phenomenon.

This is the Labour Day weekend, truly the last summer rave of 1999 for us. Another rave will be the one with Green Velvet and Derrick Carter.

Josh Wink was pleasant. Mainly lively house.

Daft Punk (the skinnier, and darker one) started with a slow soulful tune and moved immediately to a funky house beat. Every tune is slightly different. He played some rock guitar solo mixed with house beat and that most talked about Celebration (Madonna's) remix. He also played some Eighties funk, their Daft Punk signature scratchy sound, some progressive house with sirens (climatic!). Towards the end, one of the duel even did what seemed like a live number, twisting the knobs alongside DJ Sneak. Their performance consists mainly of pounding beats of different bpm which did not come to much. Then they left the stage with a re-mix of the Madonna hit, Holiday. Highlight of the morning was their introduction to one of the summer house anthems of 1999. Unfortunately I do not know the name of the song. (not the elephant sound,...) The whole event was a delightful surprise considering the fact that I've been very tired the entire week and during the day.

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