1999 Rave Flyers

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APisceanSlant said...

I have just finished going through EVERY beautiful post on this blog. I've been feeling a bit nostalgic about those days, and to stumble upon this archive, has been incredible.

My rave-era lasted from early '92-summer '96. But from there, I migrated into the same clubs/parties you spoke about. Your descriptions of the crowd, venue and ambience merged a lot with my own.

No idea if you still get these notifications, but just wanted to say how wonderful it was, that you should have had the motivation to leave such a record. I'm envious that you were there from the beginning, and I'm impressed with you staying in it, for as long as you did.

Fortunately/Unfortunately, the changes in the crowd, music and drugs turned me off, from the all-ages thing. I remember that event at the Guvernment, where there was a jibbed-out circle in the middle of the floor, and thinking "I'm too old for this". But I used to collect the flyers, even though I was no longer going to the bigger events. I guess at that time, Industry/System/Roxy/etc just spoke more to my soul.

But in hindsight, it was those days at 318, or in the warehouses, that truly was magical--in part, because it felt so new.

Thanks for creating and maintaining this.

PLUR forever