1998 December 19

2nd time Frankie Knuckles is at the Industry. Now he's won the Grammy, thought he'd be sold out. He started with some slightly cheesy soul vocals and Everything but the Girl pop single. His dance timing is very often plausible. He's definitely not a dance-oriented DJ but more into the vibe, the build-up. Even so, his build-up took a wee bit too long. He's the kind who would keep all the slow, quiet bits at the beginning, who would play almost the entire "song" with minimum mixing. Or have I simply missed it? Was it too subtle? Or was he simply lazy? But then towards the end, he delivered. He span a few deep, deep, house, hard house, underground house, Gospels and take-me-higher vocals. There were a few climatic baseline buildups, at least 2 sweet, lovey-dovey jazzy tunes, very E sound. I was happy then.

The crowd
Gays, Italians, strippers, raver kids. Some good-looking lads. Overall crowd o.k.. A rave girl massaged me and shared water with me. I shared Coke with her. She went on to massage the guys, all with an innocence that deserves respect -- a plumb, sweet redhead with a ciggy in her mouth - great combination.

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