1998 November 7

Both P. & I were all up for the party tonight at 63 Polson. Everyone was into the music, or maybe it was my positive and fun-loving vibe that had spreaded. Music was house with a twist but not dance-oriented mix. K.J. of CKLN liked to experiment a bit. Sightings of Cameron's owner, fashion editor of the Flare magazine (per P.), the ex-doorman at Buzz, a few British guys and a few with black plastic rimmed glasses. The women were tough and street, dressy, classy and casual. From the way the crowd dressed, one could deduce that there must be a party somewhere else and they came for the after hours. The venue was not bad - high ceiling, o.k. sound system and acoustic, it was a studio-cum-club, relatively expensive sofas, 5 toilets without doors, just drapes creating some embarrassments. Anyhow, nights like these have been rare and precious. Hope the venue and the vibe stays on.

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