1999 June12

DJ: Paul Van Dyke

Venue: Industry

Music: Unimaginative old-fashion trance/ techno

Ugly. We left within an hour.
The best healing for sadness is to be able to buy the things you like. The Jean Colonna trench coat was 70% off. They took my bargain for 1/2 price. Then there was a Helmut Lang long slit-sleeve flesh tone splash (Jackson Pollock reference) top. Ultra cool.

2nd Venue: F oundation on Brant & King. 2 rooms and 2 separate clean washroom facilities.

DJs: JK, Dino & Terry

Music: O.K. house, gospel, jazz etc.

Crowd: O.K. but of course comparatively much better than the Industry crowd these days.
Bear is now called Phat Black Pussy Cat

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