1999 August 28

Organizer: RNB Production

DJ: Frankie Feliciano from NYC who has worked with the Masters at Work

Music: Garage sound

Sunnyside Pavilion - built in 1925 next to the beach but the entrance to it was blocked. The Venetian garden was slightly disappointing. Its decor seemed over-simplified and fake. Felt more like a film set than an authentic Twenties' construction. At night, it was not lit well enough for the guests to admire its beauty.

A nice, decent crowd, a few ethnic mix, and the Roxy Blue, Movement crowd. Some women dressed more progressively in a blouse with Nehru collar, silver & long-sleeves matching a maxi dress. Another one in a blouse with a longer flap at the front and a utility skirt . Too bad it was made from cheap material. P. joked about the body size of the men being noticeably smaller than the Industry crowd last week.
The degree of drunkenness, and lack of consideration i.e. walking across the dancefloor, bumping into you, topless man of dubious sexual orientation sliding by you with sweat and dripping ceiling are comparably less.

Competent but terrible mixing. At one point he just let Aretha Franklin's voice die without giving it a pump. Some unusual mixing of fusion guitar solos with dance beat. A summary of House hits this and last summer - the elephant chant number, etc.
Almost full moon. Seemingly the last hot day in 1999, the temperature was 29degrees Celcius by day but gradually dropped to 22 at night. Still to be considered one of the best parties in '99 considering the unusual venue.

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