1999 April 24

At the newly opened System Sound Bar near the corner of Peter & Richmond, Roy Davis Jr. was spinning. The sound system was o.k.. Lighting was minimal and the decor was rather cheap. The crowd was mainly the more mature ravers mixed with some suit-wearers. There was obviously more men than women.

Just after Gabriel and Armand Van Heldon's Flowerz have been played, an early twentyish boy in a Mariner baseball top (cute and well built) came rushing to me with the corny opening line so corny that it's funny especially delivered with his innocence, "Sorry I tripped." referring to his being a wee bit close. He's cute, young and slender; right height too. Instinctively, I went along.
In no time we went from exchanging names to dancing close to kissing. Terrific dancer. He asked me a few times if I wanted to get comfortable in the sofa nearby. Again I was left with the decision to sacrifice the music which was what I came for or to go along with my luck. I wasn't horny that night. So I told him no. He walked away.

Soon he came back. Now Roy Davis Jr. was spinning You Don't Know Me. We danced a bit more. I was undecided. Then he asked me if I needed water. Again I told him to go ahead if he needed some. He kissed me and asked me to wait I was worried for a while if I should just leave. Then P. suggested we went to what seemed like the VIP room. We sat down, chatted a bit and felt it was time to go home. Just when we were getting close to the exit, my sweet lover boy came in with a petite young girl, looking all serious and proper. I thought it was truly amusing and it just suited me SOO well. The situation has resolved itself.

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