1999 August 21

I was quite energetic, having rested for weeks. The night air was nice, almost fragrant. Arrived at Industry by taxi as usual. Women in the line-up seemed quite dressed-up for the party. But as we got to the dance floor, the obnoxious dancers, older ravers and body-builders became irritating. Then we discovered everyone was dead drunk. From the moment we went to the bar, the guy next to me already seemed to have lost control of his body, then the women (big, tall ones) on the dance floor elbowed their way in & out, plus the topless sweaty undefinable gay imposter walked round and round in circle and rubbed past me. At one point this hideous big blop of sweat, despite my stare, returned to "rub" against my arm; right after that, this other guy pressed me from behind. They actually pushed you if you didn't move. Then this big drop of condensation from the ceiling fell on my forehead for the umteenth time. I just had to say to myself, "that's it!" I'm leaving the dance floor at least and should think twice next time if I should show up at all at Industry. But that was not the end, when I got to the platform where the sofas were, all the kids were hyper and bumpy also.

Although there were some boys who were well behave, and some said sorry after bumping into you, the frequency of being hit, I mean literally, (1/3 of my drink was spilled, while the busboy also spilled drinks into my banana bag) was way too high. I left earlier than P., just like the recent past few times.

Graeme Parker's music was competent. The beginning few songs were good vibe, good groove. The atmosphere throughout was disco, a bit of funk, some soul vocals mixed with dance beat. P. said the ending was quite special. If I was given space, I would've danced all night. But I could not even find a spot where I would not be bothered.

P. saw Alx L. leaving the same time he did, by himself. Though he did see him with his black girl friend earlier. She must have got fed up like I had and left early. Such a bummer.
There were all kinds of topless men, bums and a few party girls but not many Anglos like there used to be. What's happened to the scene?

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