1999 December

Organizer: Fukhouse
Venue: Industry
DJ: DJ Slam of Scotland
Music: Techno, trance, house, very pleasant and danceable

Industry has changed it's decor and interior with a bar counter surrounding the dance floor making it more orderly. I sat nearby. Had a nice view of the action and feeling comfortable. There were lots of humorous things going on. Never had I had so much fun watching --- two big tall Eastern Europeans with two rather good looking women kept looking my way . They also kissed and hug each other (the two men looked alike); A skinny Anglo looking rather funky sometimes danced in a funny way shaking his bum; two guys, one good -looking danced with two Japanese girls who were so energetic that they ignore one of the guys' softer touch. The two girls danced really amusingly - like these silly Japanese commercial, childlike and very well synchronized.

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