1998 July 4, Saturday

19 degrees Celcius at night

Dave Clarke - Techno organized by Phryll at the Industry.

Right amount of people and a rave crowd with their innocent, pure, music-centred attitude intact! Also interesting in the crowd was a biker and his "chick", a few odd macho men here and there. The turn of the century feeling was there. Algorithym put us in awe with his "nice" warm-up-the-crowd set. He started with experimental sounds, adding more beats and base to it, rendering it more danceable gradually, then finally moved on to progressive house. Some of his sounds, however, were quite raw which sounded a bit coarse at the dance floor. This became more prominent when compared to Dave Clarke.

Dave Clarke started with a Bang . Happy techno quickly changed to menacing heart-attacks. He made the crowd completely mad and lose control. It was hard, hard and hard with short breaks at first - a bit like Carl Cox and later changed to longer riffs. It wasn't until 3:30 did he stopped momentarily to play funk and electro with Kraftwerk but swiftly turned back to hard techno. The highlight was the siren mix. The amp. was turned up so loud I could not bear to stand even at the edge of the dance-floor right in front of the bar.. Dave's music is very masculine. It energizes you and make you move. But it got too strong for too long and my eyes couldn't open by 5:00a.m. even though I liked it

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