1997 May 13

DJs: The Chemical Brothers, Supporting - Orb

Venue: Warehouse

Best ever seen (both groups) - movement very much in tune with the music - typical of British pop culture. Simple patterns yet very well designed.

Very powerful . At one point it felt like there was something hovering above your head. The music whirled while the drums & bass sounded like explosions.

From basic to exciting though not as fancy as the 808 concert

Glad to see older women dressed street/ rave. People seemed taller than those in raves. I saw a few bespectacled cyber-hippy types and long-hair U-grads. Most people swayed along to the music. P. said the new generation of concert-goers moved more and chatted less than those of the Eighties.

The crowd did not respond too well at the end. There was a time when the brothers played a taped conversation going, " Music, response, music, response..." But nobody responded much. They left shortly after that. They played from around mid-night to three. We took the next day off.

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