1998 August 14, Saturday

Nice & Sunny day but I was full of existential angst. I was going through the post-breakup phase and had to try to stop myself from being obsessed with a new possible replacement. I listened to two Suede albums in a row, picking only those slow heroin-feel songs.

Usually at times like these, the club scene helps. Of course good music is crucial. Andrew Weatherall at Industry (Fukhouse event) completely blew my mind. His strong hard beats were non-stop, revitalizing, completely displaced the down, low, negative thoughts from my mind. All these events held by other organizations at Industry had been quite good especially in the sense that there were more and much, much, more dry ice from the smoke machine, worm-pattern red laser lights, darker atmosphere and the mood was insanely hedonistic. People were very into the whole thing and both guys and gals danced enthusiastically. There was a healthy blend (though it takes some tolerance for their sweaty naked bodies) of gays, Portuguese, Italians , ravers, Anglo suburbanites, artist-types. A lot of ravers were not there probably because of the rave with Roy Davies Jr. elsewhere. Many people were very open about hooking up, though all those who said it out right were not the good looking ones. P. was made miserable by the sweaty ones. We danced almost non-stop from 1:30 to 5:00.

Chrs greeted us and said he went to Molson amphitheatre to see the Beastie Boys and came right after. He seemed to have come by himself. Jn has gone to Ireland and other European countries. He told us excitedly that he got a job at Chrysler. All respect to him for continuing to attend these events.

Was dead tired when I got home but in true, good spirits. Got kicked in the toes twice at the club and hurt myself mildly in the big toe twice as well. The scar from the heated oil on my left hand was healing (it happened the weekend M. & I broke up) but not entirely. It's a 2- inch mark. Or no, I won't let him or anyone leave a mark on me. Remember that Teenage Fanclub song

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