1999 September 18, Sat

Unusually mild for a Sept., 22 degrees Celcius. Sunny all day.

Was a bit down after seeing Pas de Scandale by Benoit Jacquot and then Peter Greenaway's 8 1/2 Women. Felt the need for some strong musical vibration.

The moment we entered the door of Industry, we could feel a surge of steam. Even the entrance was foggy. Industry has packed a full capacity of people if not over. The crowd was mixed, more women than usual and slightly less gangster type. Same mix of ravers, half naked men. P. said tickets didn't seem to sell well. Industry must have packed their members in to fill in the room. There was some visuals (slides) and of course the dripping ceiling but the steaminess (not smoke from the smoke machine) was more severe than anything I've ever experienced there. I dared not venture in the back room/ the fountain room despite P's urge lest I might faint. (A girl almost did). There was not much oxygen in there.

But the music was great. The Basement Jaxx's brand of house hits this summer, treated and mixed with their own hits was refreshing. What's most impressive was the crowd. Everyone, women and men were enthusiastic despite the humidity. Everyone was drenched with sweat. The men who took off their clothes were hideous. People were also quite friendly and I got used to the ever moving crowd.

This whole week had been like a dream - the film festival, J's excitement over the Nick Drake CD I lent him, the Friday DJ Deep party with the cool crowd and Basement Jaxx plus my taking Monday off...

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