1999 May 29

Organizer: Clublife magazine

Venue: Temperance Street right in front of the Cloud Garden

Mixed - rarely seen cultured types, John Lennon lookalike, the young guy from Buzz, hippies, Anglo-Saxon, pensive types, Jamaican accented, Italian stallion with mane, beautiful bodies, men & women.

Good house. As P. says, felt like N.Y.. It was a life-affirming experience to see all those hot bodies, men and women. Suddenly it made me wonder why anyone should get hung up on one guy or gal. There's a whole big world out there with good-looking people of all sorts. The idea itself satiated me. The only thing missing is alcohol to loosen me up. The smell of pot all around is soothing.
It's most promising to see an event like this, in a nice street with a garden, where people are so into it. So together, so urban, so real.

International Centre at Mississauga (close to the Airport)
Suburban sports centre, minimal construction, totally functional. Set up that day with minimal design, a big tent for the techno room plus a house and jungle room. High security, clean and numerous washrooms.

Jeff Mills - too mechanical and steady in beat, Bob Sinclar - house, French funk, hip hop mix, special but the venue is not right for his kind of music.

Ravers and suburban boys, some very young. The girl in the washroom recognized who Mao Tze Tung was (I had that T-shirt on). Impressed. But not in the mood to talk.

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