1998 June 27

Haven't gone out for ages. P. suggested going to a warehouse party announced at CIUT- Soul Fusion Express , DJ K.J. somewhere in 882 or 862 Queen West. We got on a taxi and could only see the park when we were around that number. We got off, walked back East a bit and heard some music and a notice outside a shut storefront indicating Bear's birthday party round the back. What coincidence! It was a nice, cozy, homestyle store closed for the party purpose. A lot of cool, well-mannered African-Canadians, men & women. Some white u-students, a Beck look-a-like. A dreadlocked DJ played some disco, soul, house, funk , with a touch of house-hits (that one with the jungle sound). Then another one played something of a slightly different style. We had a good time till around four. Just when we got to the door, Bear showed up with his hair all shaved off. We hugged and chatted and wished him a Happy Birthday!

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