1997 August 9

Organizer: Better Days

Theme: One

Jeremy Healey - Partner of John Galliano, he does all his fashion show music and after-hour parties. Todd Terry's Canadian Debut

Long stuffy warehouse at Caledonia, North of Lawrence.
3000 People but still spacious, well organized with playstations and beautiful classic laser lights and a few blinding flashes.

J.H. brings back that good 'ol days feeling, his mix is typical British, steady, almost "marching" base drum beat with handbag voices. But he works very hard, jumping up & down and changes the beat very often. It gets tiring after a while. Todd Terry plays all the recent house hits mixed with very often distinct dance beat constantly adding sporadic soulful voices in the background. Not a particularly danceable DJ. Certainly less enjoyable and less remarkable than Eric Morillo or Armand Van Heldon.

Memorable Moments:
Chrs & Jne came and chatted. Jne's lost a lot of weight while Chrs seemed to have gained some.
I did my Afro but due to the humidity, it was all flat by the time the second DJ came on stage. I looked flustered and tired.
Woke up in the morning feeling a little sad about the scene. How even Chrs & Jne seemed so sober and bored that night, how the DJs didn't quite deliver and how the kids seemed so clueless as to what good music was. They were all there for the sake of going. The music didn't move them much. Unlike the Industry crowd.
The coolest and most beautiful in the warehouse that night were two girls in black. One was very leggy and in hot pants while the other one was in asymmetric top and mini skirt. And they danced like they were hooked and drugged. Amazing pair.

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