1998 June 30, Saturday

20 degrees Celcius at night, the night before Canada's Day.

Junior Vasquez delivered from 9:00 p.m. to 9:00 a.m. at the Guvernment.

Guvernment is a great venue. High ceiling, excellent lightings, lots of chill-out rooms - Acid Lounge with fur walls and leopard skin bean bags. 80% gay people, naked from the waist up. Ventilation by fans were provided at the peak of the whole thing but there was so much sweat and moisture that everyone was soaked in the mist. The atmosphere was fantastic. Felt like Ibiza though the set was too gay-oriented. He mixed some borderline cheesy tunes with simple basslines, minimal throughout with some disco, some vocals, some hits, some rock such as Freddie Mercury's We Will Rock You and Jimmy Hendrick's Purple Haze.

With P. I stayed till five. Without him, I'd have left. Not much housey feel but the atmosphere, as P. said was end-of millennium-esque.

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